Monday, September 3, 2007

Stations Story: Loreena and Friends

This station is the oldest station that's still a part of my Quickmix. This station is what Tom Conrad calls "a simple station", that is one that is based on a single artist or song seed.

I was first introduced to the music of Loreena McKinnet by a Canadian documentary called The Buring Times which was the second of a three part series called "Woman and Spirituality". An instrumental track called "Tango to Evora" which featured in a dance sequence in the movie. (How many documentaries not about dance actually have dance sequences anyway?) The piece is striking and had me going through the credits in slow motion to discover who had created it. The track was on her recently release album, "The Visit". She became a favorite artist for both my wife and I, and I quickly caught up with her back catalog.

This station introduced me to Luka Bloom and Mary Black, and led me to purchase a CD from each of them. The station, of course, brings in a lot of Enya, but since I used Enya as a seed for my more general New Age station, "O, Wow, the Moon," I do not give thumbs up to her tracks on this station. This station also has a fair amount of overlap with the Celtic station, "Tir Na Nog," and the "Womenfolk" station.

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