Monday, September 24, 2007

Station Review: Southern Comfort Fails To Be Hip By Calling Itself "soco"

But they did pay for two Pandora stations, and they also posted up a cringe-worthy version of every alcohol ad you've ever seen on their profile page. (I swear I thought it was an anti-drinking ad parody until I saw the closing panel and found out what "soco" was.)

The first up is a mostly harmless jam-band station: Jammin' Radio* (click to play). The Dead, Phish, DMB and Widespead Panic form the basis with two additonal song seeds. Ho Hum. Two thumbs up and two thumbs down. There are probably better jam stations out there.

The second station attempts to take you back to the heady days of 2006 with Dance With A Drink In Your Hand Radio* (click to play). Timberlake, Akon, Lily Allen, and Rihanna (and a Pink track) do the obligatory pop thang. One thumb up and two down. This station might be useful for some future ethnomusicologists to write an equally boring paper about early 21st century Pop.

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