Monday, September 24, 2007

Station Review: Bud Select Introduces Two New Stations in August

As far as I know, Bud Select is the first company that has paid for a second set of stations. They had an earlier campaign in February of this year which included five stations which, I beleive, I reviewed at This campaign features two stations.

The first is Step Up To Select Radio* (click to play). This is yet another alt-rock station based on the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, four other bands and four other songs. It exibits minimal development with one thumb up and no thumbs down. The couple of songs I've listened to have been synth-heavy whinefests without much interest.

The second is 99 Radio* (click to play), and it is equally insipid. It an techno-y R&B station based on M.I.A., Kanye West, Foxy Brown and six songs. No development whatsoever. I'd recomend Z Huge Rap instead which I found by doing a quick station search on the artists.

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