Monday, October 22, 2007

Station Review: Four for the Journeyman TV Show

This set is a promotion for a US TV series featuring time traveling, and so the stations are built to reflect different eras.

The late Eighties are the focus of Journeyman Hits 1987-1992* (click to play). The approach was to use five artists of the era and five songs other songs of the era as seeds. It was not a great era to start off with, and the station as usual has very little development: two thumbs up and four thumbs down. (Beyonce gets dissed twice here, hilariously. As far as I can tell, this makes her the only artist to have ever been banned from a promotional station. I'm sure it was inadvertent.)

The next station attempts to encapsulate the next five years in Journeyman Hits 1993-1999* (click to play). Did anyone really need a Spice Girls station? In any case, the Girls join four other artists and two songs as the seeds for this station. The development consists of two thumbs up and two thumbs down. Bland pop at it's most vanilla.

Moving up to the present we get to Journeyman Hits 2000-2007* (click to play). The seeds are six artist and six seeds. Again, it's the tops of the pops like many other promotional stations. Yawn. It was granted a single thumb up for development. You'd be better off building a station off the Billboard lists.

A new low is finally achieved with the last station, Journeyman Hits Time Travel* (click to play). If you really wanted to hear a station based on Tupac, Bon Jovi, Green Day, Madonna, Pink, TLC and U2 you can listen to this station, or, you know, create your own maybe adding some artists you actually like instead. No development time was wasted on this station at all.

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