Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Station Review: The Darjeeling Limited stops at two stations

Wes Anderson is a director who is known for the music in his films. Unfortunately, I'm not sure that his sense of taste transefered to these two promotional stations.

The title of his latest film serves as the name for the first station, The Darjeeling Limited (click to play). It would not surprise me if the four song seeds for this station are featured in the film. Nevertheless, the resulting station is pretty poor since there neither any other seeds nor feedback to flesh out the station. The result here is some blues rock vocals.

The second station, Wes Anderson Films* (click to play), is somewhat more interesting but less coherent. It consists only of eight song seeds, but at least the variety is interesting since it covers tracks by Devo, David Bowie, Cat Stevens and Paul Simon. Again, it's a bit Boomerish, but that's probably appropriate for the topic.

And with that review, I'm officially caught up with the influx of promotional stations after the Internet Radio crisis.

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