Thursday, August 9, 2007

Links To Prior Posts

I've written several previous posts about Pandora on my main blog.


My first post about Pandora was an enthusiastic description of the service written a couple of weeks after I came across it. It's interesting that many of my technical wishes have been met, but the seemingly easier wish to build a community has not really gotten there. They have recently expanded onto facebook, but I'm sceptical.

Dr. Pandora Love

Pandora can make you confront your musical prejudices. I wrote this post in reaction to hearing a Cyndi Lauper tune on Pandora.

Shaggs on Pandora

I wrote a brief post on my delight that The Shaggs were available for play on Pandora. They have become a delightfully intractable part of my novelty station, The Best Medicine.

Pandora Shame, Pt. 2

Upon giving a thumb up to a Diana DeGarmo song, I begged forgiveness from the Lord. The track became one of the seeds of my Grrrl Power station.

Pandora Town Hall Meeting San Francisco, July 19, 2006

I attended a meeting with the Pandora folks, and wrote a thorough recap of the evening.

Pandora Town Hall, UC Berkeley, Dec. 4, 2006

I attended another town hall six months later, and provided another recap of the event.

July Listening Tests

I posted up a graph of my listening test results for the last six months. This graph shows the evidence that they made an important improvement to the selection algorithm in June. Indeed, I received an e-mail from Tom Conrad that they had made the change on June 20.

And that's all I've written so far in my blog on the topic.

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