Friday, November 30, 2007

Dear Santa Pandora

After nearly two years of listening to Pandora I think I'm finally ready to state with some clarity my wish list for improvements to Pandora. Here're are my Christmas wishes for the coming year:

Filters: I'd like to be able to filter out the songs which play on a station on at least a subset of the genome characteristics. Yes, I know there's difference between the focus traits and those which comprise the underlying genomes. And I know that the genomes do not necessarily have many or even any traits in common. But creating stations which only play songs with humorous lyrics or only female vocalists should not be impossible as it has been to date.

Moving Ups To Seeds: It’s now fairly clear that once the number of thumbs-up given to a station reaches a certain point (maybe 20 or 50) that additional thumbs-up have virtually no impact to a station. And so to continue to shape a developed station you must operate on the list of seeds. I’d like to have an additional button under the thumb-up list on the station page which says “MOVE CHECKED TO SONG SEEDS”.

Banned Artists: I’d like a button on the station page that enables the user to calculate and display the artists which are currently banned on a station.

Identify Unencoded Song Seeds: This problem is becoming smaller over time since fewer unencoded tracks are being added to the db. Still, it is unconscionable that there is no way to tell when a song seed is, in fact, unencoded and therefore its presence in the list of song seeds is bringing in all the material of an artist. We should be able to push a button under the list of song seeds on the station page to show any such cases in the list of seeds.

Mobile Quickmix Play: Please display the originating station for the track being played.

Fix Searching for Classical Tracks: I’m so glad Classical is now available, and I can accept the various compromises like only one recording per opus, but Classical is truly crippled right now by the fact you can’t add individual tracks to stations.

Net Song Seeds: I’d like to have a button on the station page that would calculate the net number of seed tracks and net number of banned tracks for the station. The called program would generate the list of all encoded tracks available as seeds (both from the artist and song seed lists) remove all the tracks from the thumbed down tracks and banned artists for the station and return the count as the net seeds. Similarly, the program would return a count of the tracks from thumbed down tracks and banned artists. These two numbers would be the true measure of the current development of a station.

Oh, and a pony, I suppose. I love Pandora, and it would continue to be my primary source of music even with no improvements, but it could be made even more fun for me with these improvements.

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OGRastamon said...

I find nothing to which I disagree and hope that Santa Pandora will keep me on the 'Nice' list and drop these toys down my chimney as well. Though I'll be a little naughty by saying I don't request the first item but DEMAND it.